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America Reads Challenge: "... a grassroots national campaign that challenges every American to help all our children learn to read."

The Bugscope Project: a new educational outreach project of the World Wide Laboratory. The primary goal of the Bugscope project is to demonstrate that relatively low cost, sustainable access to a scanning electron microscope can be made available to K-12 classrooms.

Choices for the 21st Century education project:  developed by The Northeast & Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University with funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

City College of New York - Government Documents Page: Provides information on about 100 topics of interest relating to Federal Government issues and policies and to historic events.  Scroll down past their mission statement to see the links.  There are many links here to Federal Government web sites and a number of the topics have teacher lesson plans as well.

Educational CyberPlayground: a dot.com site which gives subject access to a wide variety of educational links.  (expect a lot of advertising but results may be worth it)

The Educator's Reference Desk:  "Provides access to the following resources: Resource Collection - Links to over 3000 resources on a variety of educational issues. This collection includes Internet sites, educational organizations, and electronic discussion groups; Lesson Plans - The Lesson Plan Collection contains more than 2000 unique lesson plans which were written and submitted by teachers from all over the United States; Question Archive - A collection of over 200 responses to popular questions on the practice, theory, and research of education. These responses may include citations from the ERIC database, Internet sites, discussion groups, and/or print resource information; and ERIC Database - The ERIC database, the world's largest source of education information, contains more than one million abstracts of documents and journal articles on education research and practice. This web-based version of the ERIC Database, provides access to abstracts which are also found in the printed medium, Resources in Education and Current Index To Journals in Education. The database is updated monthly, ensuring that the information you receive is timely and accurate."  The Educator's Reference Desk is a project of the Information Institute of Syracuse.

Fathom.com: "...brings the internet full circle by taking you right inside the world's major thought capitals.  ...interact with faculty and curators of our partner institutions through interviews, articles, lectures and discussion forums."  Allows sign-up for participation in 21 subject groups.  You can choose one or several.  No advertising seen.

Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: "Hundreds of education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government are now easier to find."  Subject-searchable.

The Gateway to Educational Material: "The key to one-stop, any-stop access to high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other education resources on the Internet!"  Searchable by keyword, grade level, vocational education, higher education, or adult/continuing education.

Helping Your Child Become a Reader: a publication of the U. S. Department of Education by Andrea DeBruin Parecki.

The Knowledge Loom - what works in teaching and learning: This site is being developed by The Northeast & Islands Regional Educational Laboratory at Brown University with funding from the U.S. Department of Education.

National Center for Education Statistics electronic catalog: searchable database of NCES publications and data products.  Once located, browse the content of publications or download files (PDF format).

Online Directory of ESL Resources "The National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education and the ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics, with funding from the U.S.Department of Education, Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs (OBEMLA), have created this online directory of ESL resources.  This directory is meant to be an online reference for the most useful ESL resources primarily for teachers and students, though other groups, such as administrators, business people, researchers, and parents, may find them useful as well. Please visit the About page for more information about this directory and how the resources in it were selected and organized."

The Reading Genie "I am Dr. Bruce Murray--the Reading Genie--an associate professor in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching at Auburn University. Actually, there's nothing magic about learning to read when we base our instruction on the science of reading education. We can plan lessons using this public knowledge base to ease children into reading and spelling with the alphabetic code. Soon they will be reading independently with understanding and enjoyment."

Refdesk: "Refdesk aims to index, review, and publish quality, credible information-based Web sites and to assist readers in navigating and extracting needed data from these sites.  Since 1995,  Refdesk free and family friendly."

TheSmartBaby.com: (expect advertising)  "The stimulation you provide your baby in the first 3 years  has more impact than at any other time in your child's life;  your baby's brain will reach 90% of its adult size by age  3;  studies show that continued and consistent stimulation can boost your child's I.Q. by as much as 20 points."(from their page)  Early childhood development must be worked by both parents and teachers.  Several free learning tools are available here surrounded by advertising.  

TeacherVision.com: A sub-page of LearningNetwork.com which has links for parents, teachers, kids, reference, and shopping.  There are some ads on the main page in addition to the shopping link - but there are many resources listed which may be of help.  Sections include: Lesson Planning Center; Teacher Tools; Communities of Interest; Classroom Management; Professional > Development; E-Mail Newsletters.  Some information is free, some will ask for registration, and to get the works you will be asked to subscribe for a fee.

Test Prep Review: TestPrepReview.com is a free service of a nonprofit group of educators.  This website was created to provide free practice test questions for students in a variety of career situations.  The site contains a modular approach to learning the content on these exams.  We include the information that will help you get maximum value from your testing experience." from the web page

For homework aids and other help for students see our Children & Their Things page of web links.