Web Links: Social Sciences


Crime& Criminals                                  

National Consumers League's National Fraud Information Center  "The National Consumers League is a private, nonprofit advocacy group representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. We are the nation's oldest consumer organization."  This is a good place to keep abreast of scams. It has information on telemarketing fraud, internet fraud, fraud against the elderly, and scams against businesses among others.



Geography (Exploration, Maps)         

Freeality.com/maps  Includes links to sites with U. S. and world maps with a separate list of links to sites which provide travel directions.  As with all Freeality sites, expect lots of advertising.  (This is how they keep it free to you.)

Hamrick.com/names  A mapping site for genealogists to determine distributions of surnames.  This is helpful in plotting where to target research for a name.  It is also of interest to historians and demographers who track the movement of populations.

Indo.com/distance  "This service uses data from the US Census and a supplementary list of cities around the world to find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculates the distance between them (as the crow flies). It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server."  As the link implies, the corporate force for this site is based in Indonesia.  There is some advertising.

Mapquest.com  Primarily a travel site for trip planning, it does provide maps which may prove of use in identifying geographic points or landmarks.  Contains advertising.



Geography, Country/Area Study      

Educational Cyber-Playground Country Specific Search Engines  This site provides a wide variety of information arranged geographically.  Useful for businesses, travelers (both business and leisure), for students doing research, and for "cyber-travelers" who just want to see what is going on in the wide world.  ECP has "sponsors" but few front-page ads.  Advertising on the links they refer to varies.    




The American Civil War Homepage  © 2001 by George H. Hoemann.  This page has a wealth of information on the U. S. Civil War.  Great for students and researchers alike, it includes sections on: General Resources, The Secession, Crisis and Before, Images of Wartime, Biographical Information, Histories and Bibliographies, Documentary Records, State/Local Studies--by State, Battles & Campaigns, Rosters & Regimental Histories, Other Military Information, Civil War Reenactors, and Civil War Round Tables. 

City College of New York - Government Documents Page Provides information on about 100 topics of interest relating to Federal Government issues and policies and to historic events.  Scroll down past their mission statement to see the links.  There are many links here to Federal Government web sites and a number of the topics have teacher lesson plans as well.

Classics of American Colonial History provided by Dinsmore Documentation.  "This collection of historical documents is offered as a public service and as an example of the quality of our work.  We have selected scholarly books and articles on American colonial history that appear to be of continuing interest. Our goal is to add four documents (articles or book chapters) per week. Readers are invited to suggest further public-domain documents for digitization." (quoted from their page)

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History  © 1990 - 2000: National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution. A taste of the Museum on-line, excellent for students and cyber-travelers as well as researchers, the site helps bring history to life.  No advertising that we saw. 


Holidays, Custom & Tradition, Costume   

Festivals.com  Provides both keyword search and interactive map search of festivals registered with them. Listings are free to those who have a festival to list. 

Holidays on the Net  Similar to Holiday Festivals above but the advertising is a bit more "up front."  Each has its own features to recommend it.  Try both.

Texas State Historical Association Webb Site  Links to sections: The Handbook of Texas, Texas Day By Day, News, Publications, Research Fellowships, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Riding Line Newsletter, Public Programs, Educational Programs, and Texas History Links.  Excellent for anyone with interest in Texas history.  The Handbook of Texas is a word-searchable mine of information on Texas.

Electronic Greetings (provide a way for you to communicate holiday greetings)

123greetings.com            These sites all have advertising - some have a lot.








Labor, Management, Employment       

Analyzing Compensation Data  From the U. S. Department of Labor's Employment Standards Administration, this site provides guidance in providing fair (non-discriminatory) compensation, particularly addressed to Federal contractors - but of interest to most medium to large businesses.

Freeality.com Online Job & Career Search  A page full of links to job search on the web.  Like other Freeality sites, contains lots of advertising.  It also provides lots of search power.

The History of Labor Day  Provided by the U. S. Department of Labor.

National Committee on Pay Equity  "A central clearinghouse for information on pay equity activities throughout the U.S. and the world, NCPE maintains data and contacts for hundreds of jurisdictions. A nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, NCPE is supported by dues, special contributions from members, and grants from charitable foundations."

Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates  "Employment and wage estimates by occupation for the Nation, States, and selected Metropolitan Areas."  Provided by the U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Occupational Outlook Handbook  "A nationally recognized source of career information," this link is published by the U. S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It presents trends in employment and projects those areas of future demand in the labor market.  This is good information for those seeking training or re-training.



Government & Politics     

Census 2000 There is an enormous amount of data here.  Search a street address and get census data for the surrounding area anywhere in the U. S. at different levels down to the city block.  Get a map of the area covered by the information.  This is amazing access to a very expensive government program - an example of what the Internet was meant to be.

Choices for the 21st Century Education Project  A Program of the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies at Brown University, this page is about teaching students to understand policy choices via study of current events and critical points in history.  Contains sections on:  Classroom Materials, Teacher Workshops, and the Capitol Forum on America's Future.

City College of New York - Government Documents Page Provides information on about 100 topics of interest relating to Federal Government issues and policies and to historic events.  Scroll down past their mission statement to see the links.  There are many links here to Federal Government web sites and a number of the topics have teacher lesson plans as well.

Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives  "At this site, you can obtain copies of House documents that the Clerk makes available as part of the official duties of this office, including public disclosure. You can also find historical information about the House of Representatives and information about its Members and Committees."

Cybercemetery  "The University of North Texas Libraries and the U.S. Government Printing Office, as part of the Federal Depository Library Program, created a partnership to provide permanent public access to the electronic Web sites and publications [of a number of] defunct U.S. government agencies and commissions. This collection was named the Cybercemetery by early users of the site."

FedStats  "The gateway to statistics from over 100 U.S. Federal agencies. Use the Internet's powerful linking and searching capabilities to track economic and population trends, health care costs, aviation safety, foreign trade, energy use, farm production, and more. Access official statistics collected and published by Federal agencies without having to know in advance which agency produces them."

Great American Speeches  Provided by PBS, this site is about both politics and history.  Includes the following sections:  Speech Archive, American History Challenge, Pop-Up Trivia, Wordsmith Challenge, Could You Be A Politician?, Critics' Corner, and Ideas for Teachers.

National Rural Development Partnership (NRDP)  "NRDP works to strengthen rural America through collaborative partnerships. The NRDP brings together partners from local, state, tribal, and federal governments, as well as from the for-profit and nonprofit private sector."  For those interested in the political force represented by rural America.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  The EPA homepage - for those interested in environmental policy.  Includes (in part) contact information, history of the agency, organization chart, annual report, policy statements, employment information, and a dictionary of environmental terms.