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American Numismatic Association  "The American Numismatic Association - a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress - is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community."  Page sections include: "About the ANA | What's New | Do you have a question? | Club Listings | Current Events | Educational Programs | MarketPlace Dealers | MoneyMarket Catalog | Museum Exhibits | The Newsroom | Numismatic Information | Links | Contact | JOIN THE ANA!"

Coin Collector.org  This site includes the following sections: "US Coin Gallery; US Coin Prices; US Currency Prices; Questions Answered; Message Board; Recommended Books; Magazines; News; Essay on collecting; Links."  The "US Coin Gallery" includes a section on the 50 state quarters.  A nice page for U. S. collectors.

H.I.P. Pocket Change  Produced by the U. S. Mint for kids, "The History In Your Pocket (H.I.P.) Pocket Change site showcases the connection between this country's coins
and its people. Through games, stories, and other engaging activities, the site brings to life both the extraordinary individuals who appear on U.S. coinage and the generations of citizens who've used this pocket change."

BNAPS Stamp Collecting for Kids  "Members of the British North America Philatelic Society have developed this web-site for young people. Depending on the age of the young people using this site, we encourage supervision. While we encourage stamp collecting as a family hobby, we also recommend letting young people feel free to make certain decisions about their hobby - so it becomes their "thing"."

Search Stamps  A commercial page for stamp collectors and dealers.  Sections include:
Articles; Associations; Auctions; Auction Search; Books; Classified Ads; Clubs; Collector Sites; Dealers; Topical; US Stamps; World Stamps; Price Guides; Publications; Reference Resources; Services; Software; Stamp Supplies; Top Sites.  Note that each of these links may open a new browser window (Netscape Communicator 4.76).  Includes links to stamp news and auction links to three well-know auction sites - with the ability to search all three at once (only for stamp-related searches).  The ads are there but not jumping and flashing.

Ventriloquism sites  This site is under development and projects to have the top 100 ventriloquism sites listed.  Currently (9-17-01) there are 37 sites listed.  There are a lot of ads, some for ventriloquism - some for magic, and they are dominant.  Budding ventriloquists may find some help.