Web Links: Grants and Fund Raising


Council on Foundations The web page of the Council, "a non-profit membership association of grantmaking foundations and corporations."  Their purpose is "to support foundations by promoting knowledge, growth and action in philanthropy."  They will let you "see what role foundations play in your community, how to start your own foundation and what the Council does to support foundations."  

The Foundation Center  The web page of the Center, whose "mission is to support and improve institutional philanthropy by promoting public understanding of the field and helping grantseekers succeed."  Lots of information to help your project get funded, some for free and others for pay.  Provides a link to the current issue of Philanthropy News Digest - (see below) and a box to sign up for the e-mail version.

Foundation News  Newsletter of The Council on Foundations - contains links to "Issue Archive: Complete Contents of Previous Issues."  The main page of each issue looks like the contents page of a print magazine with links to complete articles.  Nicely done. 

Foundations and the Grant Seeking Process  An article from Computers In Libraries, "A Wealth of information on foundations and the grant seeking process" by Janet Camarena, this page has tips aimed primarily at librarians and includes links (both in the article and in lists at the end) to a number of resources for help in obtaining grants. Others may benefit.  

Gates Foundation  "The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation places a major focus on helping to improve people's lives through health and learning. We will continue to look for strategic opportunities to extend the benefits of modern science and technology to people around the world, especially where poverty serves as an obstacle to participating in these benefits."  The Foundation has provided wide support for internet access in public libraries and for a variety of health initiatives.

Gifts-In-Kind "Since its initiation in 1983, nearly $2.5 billion in products donations has been distributed to more than 50,000 charities worldwide" through the auspices of Gifts In Kind Global Network.  This page allows prospective donors and recipients to sign up.  The Network distributes "newly manufactured products, goods, and services. ...  Nonprofit organizations with tax-exempt status in the country in which they operate pay an annual registration fee and are eligible to register and gain access to donated products, goods and services through Gifts In Kind International. All products are free and registered nonprofit organizations pay only a nominal administrative fee to cover shipping and handling (administrative fees average less than 1 percent of the fair market value of products donated annually)."

The National Center for Small Communities "is the only national, non-profit organization devoted exclusively to serving the leaders of America's smaller communities. The mission of the NCSC is to provide small town decision makers with the tools to govern
effectively and the skills to expand local economies, protect natural resources and preserve community character. ... For fifteen years the NCSC has been assisting its 11,000 members as well as thousands of other communities and rural assistance providers. We help small communities: stretch scarce resources; develop skilled elected leadership; find additional financial resources; generate citizen involvement; protect the rural environment and small town character; comply with federal legislation; solicit and receive government and private grants."

National Endowment for Financial Education is "a Denver-based, non-profit foundation dedicated to the mission of helping individual Americans acquire the information and gain the skills necessary to take control of their financial lives."  Among other things it provides grants for innovative classroom programs which further its objectives.  "In addition to Directed Grants and Unsolicited Proposals, NEFE launched a Grant RFP program on July 31, 2000 requesting proposals from academicians, researchers, and practicing financial professionals affiliated with 501 (c)(3) organizations."

The Nonprofit Sector Research Fund  "awards research grants and organizes convenings to expand knowledge of the nonprofit sector and philanthropy, improve nonprofit practices, and inform public policy related to nonprofits."  There are no grants for doing good -- only for improving the process of funding good works.

Philanthropy News Digest   Online newsletter of The Foundation Center.  "Search Philanthropy News Digest back to January 1995. Interested in a particular issue of the Digest? Check out the PND Archives."  The archive page has good links improved by drop-down menus by year.  Simple and easy to use. 

Texas State Library Grant Funding  Funding sources primarily from State and Federal sources with links to other grant funding.  There is a link to Gates grant information.

United Way  Site provides city or zip code search to locate United Way offices in the United States and Canada or internationally by country.