Web Links: Cookery


Barbecue'n on the Internet "The leading edge in outdoor cooking" according to their banner, this is a good (commercial) site for outdoor cooking tips.  Ads are not "in your face" on the main page.  Sections include: "Grilling; Barbecuing; Recipes; For Beginners; Shopping; FAQ."   

Food, Drink, & Recipes  Provided by Freeality.com, this is a page of web links to more than a dozen food/drink related sites.  Each site is keyword searchable from the Freeality main page.  As with all Freeality pages, this one has lots of ads - but brings lots of information in a convenient package.

Food Safety "Gateway to government food safety information," this site is a cooperative effort of the U. S. Food and Drug Administration, U. S. Department of Agriculture, U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Sections include: News & Safety Alerts; Consumer Advice; Kids, Teens & Educators; Report Illnesses and Product Complaints; Foodborne Pathogens; Industry Assistance; National Food Safety Programs; Federal & State Government Agencies; Other Topics; and Search & Site Index.  The search program allows menu selection from a long list of topics or a keyword search.  A CDC link is provided which allows search of state health department information.  All 50 states plus Guam and the District of Columbia may be searched at one time or individually.