Web Links: 2000 Census


Census 2000 Gateway  Includes: American FactFinder - "Tables and maps of Census 2000 data for all geographies to the block level,"  State & County QuickFacts - "Summaries of the most requested data for states and counties,"  Street Address Lookup - "Enter a street address to find Census 2000 data," Data Highlights - "Data highlights, documentation, and FTP access for the U.S., states, counties, places (cities & towns) and more, including Puerto Rico and Island Areas." Tables included here will work on most web pages and do not require Adobe Acrobat™ software.  The ability to locate census information about a community surrounding a specific street address is very powerful.  

Census 2000 Demographic Profiles Select a state - then enter a place name within the state.  If you enter part of a place name (such as Ama for Amarillo) the search will bring up all places in Texas with the letters "ama" anywhere in the name (such as the Alabama-Coushatta Reservation.  Entering an asterisk (*) will give every place name in the selected state.  For Texas the file is about 192k and may take a while to download - but then you can see all of the places in Texas which were counted in the 2000 Census (from Abbott city, Texas to Zuehl CDP, Texas).  Note:  you must have Adobe Acrobat™ software to access these files (.pdf format).  These files are very detailed and are available much sooner - and much, much easier than similar files for past censuses.

The Census Bureau Home Page  "Celebrating 100 years, 1902 - 2002."        For more census information and information about the Census Bureau start here.  Contains subject access, a link to economic indicators, a "population clock," a link to mapping capabilities, and a listings of available Census Bureau jobs plus a great deal more.